Monday, March 27, 2006


Marry Yourself First!

Marry YourSelf First!

Saying "I Do" to a Life of Passion, Power and Purpose

With Ken Donaldson

Join author Ken Donaldson as he shares five of his 20 Core Principles of Passion, Power and Purpose from his book Marry YourSelf First!

In this program you learn about the principles of:

Attraction: Discover why you attract certain types of people and how to attract more of what you truly want
Boundaries: Unveil the internal and external boundary dynamics that will keep you in your power and passion
Communication: Learn the how to avoid "Bull-fighting, Pig-wrestling and Rabbit-chasing" and instead communicate assertively and effectively
Deal-Makers and Deal-Breakers: Reveal the Deal-makers and Deal-breakers that will keep you the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest
Emotional (and Little Voice) Management: Discover the secrets of self-intervention and how to break out of old self-limiting belief

Marry YourSelf First is for those who are tired of relationships that haven't worked and for those who want to live and love the life they were meant to have. In this program, author, psychotherapist and relationship coach Ken Donaldson helps you
discover the strategies needed to create lasting relationships and
live a life of passion, power and purpose!

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