Monday, December 18, 2006


Overcoming the Three Core Beliefs That Guarantee Relationship Failure

Paul and Layne Cutright
With Paul and Layne Cutright

If you have even one of these beliefs your relationships don't stand more than a 5% chance of success.

It's not what you consciously think that determines the quality of your relationships, but what you subconsciously believe. Until you are able to observe the hidden thoughts, beliefs and feelings that occupy your subconscious mind, and learn to change them, you are doomed to continue repeating the same old patterns in your relationships.

Paul and Layne share intimately about how they transformed their own unhappy relationships into a lasting, loving, mutually empowering personal and professional partnership that has lasted thirty years. If you ever wonder why your relationships don't last or seem to work out, you will want to hear what Layne and Paul have to say.

In this program you learn:

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